Long Hairstyles for Round Faces Impart Long Facial Shape

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Are long hairstyles for round faces a good hair style? What is a round face? How does an individual decide what shape face is best for them, and consequently what hairstyle? There are several questions that this will try to answer. Certainly, ladies with certain shaped faces have hairstyles that are more flattering than other styles.
long hair styles for round face shapes

Determining Facial Shape

Determining if a long hairstyle for a round face is good requires knowing the shape of the face. The first step to determine the facial shape is to measure across the top of the cheekbones just past the outer corner of the eye and measure straight across the bridge of the nose to the outer side of the opposite eye.

Next, measure the jaw line by starting on one side of the jaw near the ear and run the measuring tape along the jaw to the center of the chin, then multiply that number by two,

The next step is to measure the forehead by starting on one side of the forehead at the widest point halfway between the hairline and the eyebrows and measure to the same point on the opposite side.

The last step is to measure the length of the face from the middle of the hairline, over the nose to the chin.

The results: The face is round if the width of the face is equal to the length of the face. Even if the totals are close, but not exact, the face is still considered to be round.

Recommended Hairstyles

curly hairstyle for round face shape
Long hairstyles for round faces are certainly a good solution. The longer hairstyles create the illusion of having a less round, more oval face. The best style is to have some height on the top to lengthen the head, with hair close at the sides. Bangs are also a good solution if they are swept to the side. The goal is to minimize the volume of hair around the face that makes it look wider, and to maximize the length of the face by adding height and length of the face by having the longer hair. You can find more long hairstyles 2011 on http://longhairstylescuts.com

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Kristen Bell Long Straight Sleek Hairstyle

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Sleekly long hairstyle is gives you gorgeous hairstyle.The long sleek hair style looks so great on all most female, you may noticed that more and more celebrity wear long straight hairstyles recently. If you want to get a beautiful long hairstyle in 2011, why not try the long straight sleek hairstyle instead of curly hairstyles?
cute long straight sleek hairstyle for women from female celebrity Kristen Bell

Long sleek hairstyles are a good selection for many different looks including the prom, wedding,night life, social events, or just a breeze through town, and this kind of hairstyle is very popular in 2011. A good hairstyle for spring.
Kristen Bell long sleek hairstyle is a very simple and cute hairstyle that almost any woman with long hair can pull off. Sleekly hair with long hairstyle is very attractive. Sleek hairstyles are a great option for a simple and maintenance free hair. Sleek hairstyles can include many special options. How to maintain your long straight hairstyles?
Why not try 2011 long sleek hairstyle now? You can find more long hairstyles on http://longhairstylescuts.com

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Long Wavy Hairstyles for Women

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Long Wavy Hairstyles are Intriguing

Why not get the 2011 popular long wavy hairstyles this season? For many women, getting that long wavy hairstyle requires spending hours in a beauty salon getting just the right perm to have that "natural" wave look. Some women are lucky and born with thick, wavy hair, and never know the lengths that their straight-haired sisters suffer to obtain that good-natured, sexy, fun, and youthful appearing hair style.


Women who have oval-shaped faces can certainly wear their hair long and wavy; however, for women who have pear-shaped or square-shaped faces, long wavy hairstyles are absolutely the most flattering. Long hair that is set in a longer, curvy style is not the most flattering on women who have diamond, round, or heart-shaped faces.

Getting the Waves
2011 cute long wavy hairstyle for girls

For women who yearn for long wavy hairstyles, but have straight hair with no wave to it, there are several options for getting that preferable look. One way is to use a large curling iron because it is a simple, easy to carry, and affordable way to create a glamorous look of long loose curls. Another method is hot curlers, which produce the desired volume and bounce. The final recommendation is a body wave which uses chemicals to permanently (or at least until the hair grows out and the wave is no longer lasting) achieve the preferred wavy look. For some women the permanent can last only six to eight weeks because their hair grows so rapidly; others will have the desired wavy look for six months to a year since their hair barely grows. For the later, this is great because perms can get expensive.http://longhairstylescuts.com


For many women who prefer long wavy hairstyles, it is preferred because the women feel young and appealing; perhaps even revealing the desire for a completely non-conventional lifestyle – a longing for independence from societal norms; to free the spirit from the expectation of "growing up". This style is easily maintained, get up, run fingers through it and go – the most desirable tresses for the bohemian free-spirited woman.
2011 long wavy hairstyle for prom: A good prom hairstyle


Long wavy hairstyles sometimes indicate a bohemian-nature; however, for many the wavy tresses insinuate the wearer is free-spirited and non-conventional.

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